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Website Debuts for Parents of Kids with Learning and Attention Issues

2014-September 25
by Nick Randell, Program Officer

Are you a parent that has struggled to help a child with learning challenges, diagnosed or not? Here is a link to a website that just went live on September 23th  Go. Check it out. This online, highly interactive community bursts with content and interactive features. Visit Understood and begin mining its riches  -- it will take you a while. And now my work is done. Shortest blog entry ever. 

Wait, are you still reading? I'm guessing your search engine crashed and you are stuck on this page. While you are waiting for tech support, I'll tell you a little more about Understood, though there is no substitute for exploring it yourself. Right from launch, the website had 1,500 pieces of content: articles (long and short), blogs, slide shows, charts and infographics. But it really is a community too. Experts in learning differences will be available for live chats on a daily basis. Other features include webinars, discussion boards, and parenting coaches.  Simulations allow you to see the world through the eyes of young people with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, and executive functioning issues. You can create a user profile, and Understood will direct the most relevant information to you. It is a resource you will keep going back to.  

The creators of Understood have very generously designated the Tower Foundation as a founding partner, though our contribution to this important undertaking has been a modest one. Congratulations are due to the creator of Understood, The Poses Family Foundation (PFF) and staff. This NYC-based foundation, established by Fred and Nancy Poses, brought together over 100 collaborators to make Understood a reality. PFF is a foundation content to work outside the limelight. They don't even have a website of their own. The National Center for Learning Disabilities will partner with PFF to host and help maintain the site.

Once again:   It is going to be BIG.

Any fool can know.  The point is to understand.
- Albert Einstein

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