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College and Career Access Project (CCAP) at North Shore Community College

2014-August 27
by Nick Randell, Program Officer

A few weeks ago I blogged about grantee collaboration.  I described a joint venture between two Tower grantees that will provide young people with disabilities the opportunity, in a college setting, to develop some very specific job skills. Starting this fall In Lynn MA, students can enroll in the College and Career Access Program (CCAP).  Through CCAP, they will experience a mix of classroom instruction and structured internships to prepare for jobs in one of three areas: arts/entrepreneurship, basic canine and feline care, and horticulture.

CCAP is the fruit of a partnership between North Shore Community College (NSCC) and Northeast Arc.  College staff and faculty created a framework and curriculum, Northeast Arc staff will co-teach classes and support students in the field.  [I decided it was okay to identify the key players here, letting the cat out of the bag secure in the knowledge that CCAP students will soon be expert in grooming and caring for that cat.]

Each vocational path will be limited to 8-12 students each year, though there are still a few remaining slots for this fall's first CCAP cohort.  In the one-year program, students take three noncredit classes in their chosen concentration each semester.  Right from the start, they also take internship-based seminars that offer eight hours a week of on-the-job experience.

CCAP builds on coursework NSCC already offers through it Project Access: Bridge to the Future program.  In "Bridge" classrooms, 18-26 year-olds with disabilities learn the ins and outs of going to college, sharpen social and life skills, study current events and poetry, and explore personal and potential career interests.  CCAP completes the puzzle for students that are ready for real-world work experiences that can lead to meaningful employment.

Here's a link for more CCAP information and application materials:

Go here to learn more about Project Access: Bridge to the Future:

Photo by Ricky Brigante
Flickr: Dog Grooming / 4949373658

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