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It's Not About the Money

2015-October 21
by Tracy Sawicki, Executive Director


While conducting interviews some of our grantees for our recently released 2014 Annual Highlights Report, a leader from one organization commented that their relationship with the Tower Foundation "was not about managing the money." 


At first glance, this seems counter intuitive since the Foundation is a significant source of funding for this and other grantees. My reaction, however, was a happy one because we view our relationship with our grantees as being so much more than simply financial. 


As you will see in the stories contained in our Annual Highlights, the Tower Foundation is doing so much more than just providing financial support to organizations in Western New York and Eastern Massachusetts. We are helping our grantees leverage our support to create momentum to attract additional funding, we are helping organizations plan for the long term to help them be more self-sustaining, we are bringing communities together to address issues collectively and to make a greater impact, and we are demonstrating to individuals who benefit from the programs we fund that someone cares about them.


We will continue to be good stewards of both the legacy created by Peter and Elizabeth Tower and of the funds we use to support organizations that help us fulfill our mission of helping children, adolescents and young people achieve their full potential regardless of the challenges they face.  We hope you will take the time to learn more about the organizations we support and the positive impact they are making by clicking here for the 2014 Annual Highlights Report.

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