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Implications of Grantmaking Changes for Grant Applications

2016-December 7

Nick Randell, Program Officer, describes what some of the upcoming grantmaking changes mean for grant applicants. He also spends a few minutes answering some of the questions that our grant information session participants asked in their post-session questionnaires.

Implications of 2017 Grantmaking Changes for Grant Applicants from Tower Foundation on Vimeo.

Here are the questions and links to the sections of the video at which Nick answers them:

  1. We've received funding in the past and worked with a particular Program Officer. Going forward, should we work with the same staff member?

  2. Please clarify the difference in focus between Core Programs and Services grants and Healthy Communities Grants.

  3. Will I submit in a particular category and, if so, how do I designate it? Will submissions that impact more than one category have a competitive advantage?

  4. Can you clarify how often I can receive grants from Core Programs and Services, Small Grants, and Technology Grants?

As a reminder, all grant submissions for the January Cycle in 2017 will be due on Friday, January 13. You'll need to register in our grants portal if you want to submit a request for funding for any of our grant opportunities.

If you still have questions and you'd like to speak with a Program Officer, feel free to book a half-hour phone call here:


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