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Tower Invests in Reimagine Learning

Despite a focus on education reform in the U.S., children who are not "average learners" are sometimes left out of the discussion or considered only if they are categorized as learning disabled. With this in mind, the Tower Foundation has taken a new approach and has made a significant investment in the Reimagine Learning Fund.  It is a "focus fund" of New Profit, a non-profit venture philanthropy fund with an emphasis on social innovation to make lasting systemic change.

Reimagine Learning is a network of more than 100 social entrepreneurs, funders, policymakers and researchers working to transform the way learning happens in America. The goal is to ensure that all students, including those who may be marginalized or disengaged because of learning and attention or social emotional issues, can achieve academic and life success.  

The Tower Foundation is the lead Foundation and we are working with other partners who are also supporting Reimagine Learning's work. The Fund is investing in organizations and collaborations between organizations to scale best practices and high-impact approaches that empower learners, while also building a policy platform and media campaign to engage the public.

The Fund aims to support schools and communities in the creation of learning environments that unleash individual promise and creativity in all children, regardless of their learning abilities. Its focus is to create an education system where every child can realize his or her potential using three core principles:

  • That there is no such thing as the "average learner," so instructional approaches are personalized to identify and meet the differing talents and needs of each child.
  • That cognitive, social and emotional skills are equally valued and cultivated.
  • That students have a very real say in their own learning journey and to engage young people to encourage lifelong learners.

We believe that with other partners, we can leverage our investment will improve the educational experience for all young people and foster a love of learning well into their adult lives. We are also energized by the work Reimagine Learning is doing in advocacy at the state and Federal level to knock down barriers and paving the way for new learning approaches.

To learn more about Reimagine Learning and New Profit, click here.