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Supplement PR with Social Media

Social media to help give your news more exposure and expand your audience when used in conjunction with a media relations/publicity campaign. As a supplement to your traditional publicity efforts, consider these tips:

  • Post and share news releases: Archive your press releases on your website and alert your social media followers to the news by posting a link. Make sure you consider your audience and the particular tool to create appropriate social media posts.
  • Post media coverage to your social media accounts: When your organization receives positive news coverage, be sure to post a link, retweet or share the story to expand the reach of the original story. Check the media outlet that covered the story and be sure to "like" or "share" the story if it has been posted to their social media sites for added credibility.
  • Reach reporters through social media: Recognize that some reporters find their stories on social media sites so keep your social media up to date with your latest news. By following your organization, subscribing to newsletters or through your blogs, reporters may know more about you than you realize!
  • Offer expertise and commentary. If your agency can assist or has expertise  on issues currently in the news, consider sharing the news coverage with a post about your service, approach or advice. You may be viewed as an expert and contacted by media looking for outside commentary.
  • Post what the media may not use. Many media outlets will not use your photos or video of events or other company news, however social media outlets give you an opportunity to "push" these out to key audiences.  Social media allows you to supplement your press release with photos and videos that can bring a story to life or add details that traditional media may not offer.